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The fight against Yahoo boys in Nigeria


Yahoo boys- A problem for Nigeria

Yahoo boys have become a big problem for Nigeria and Nigerians. The reputation of young innocent Nigerians has been jeopardized because of some fraudulent Nigerians popularly known as “Yahoo boys”.

Internet fraudsters AKA yahoo boys has a lot going on for them. Some young Nigerians has taken internet scams as a means of living and it has become a worrisome issue for Nigerians.

Some Yahoo Boys Techniques

One of the means of getting funds by yahoo boys, is called “wire – wire” or “waya-waya” .They hijack an email account or an email server to intercept business transactions and redirect payments or they can spoof email addresses from an external account pretending to be a company in authority authorizing an irregular payment transactions. Some of the yahoo boys also use their client’s credit cards to buy anything they want

The most popular is the Romance scam. The yahoo boys basically pretend to be in love with their client and they are able to collect money from them and disappear. The yahoo boys play on the weakness of the client to finding a true love.

A lady (White women), revealed on a video do not mind sending their money to Yahoo boys because they make them happy. She added that it is the duty of white women to make Yahoo boys fresh.


In my opinion, the people who falls for this scam are insecure and feel unwanted. They want to find love at all cost and considering that they have the money.They are ready to spend it on someone who makes them feel special and loved. This is one thing the victim lack and it is a weakness that is being exploited by yahoo boys

“Honestly I am so in love with my scammer, i miss him texting me and telling me that he loved me, and I was special to him”, she said”

The victims may never have a physical contact with the yahoo boys but somehow, they feel contended.

Some of them use “JuJu” which is known as charm used to manipulate the mind and thoughts of their victim. Honestly if you have experienced the use of “juju”, you will understand that it works like magic. You will no longer be in charge of your thoughts or action, you are going to be a puppet controlled by your victim. It may not last for long but for the period of time it is taking effect, you may have giving all you have to them

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission has intensified their fight against yahoo boys. On February 4,2019 they nabbed 11 yahoo boys and girls in ilorin.Among items recovered from them were land purchase documents, three exotic cars, laptops, internet modem, mobile phones and ATM cards.Read more

They have also arrested 8 boys in Ibadan.Three different models of exotic cars, laptop computers, telephones, international passports and several incriminating documents were recovered from them. Read more 

The EFCC are putting all their efforts into curbing this menace called “yahoo” but the yahoo boy has intensified their means by adding the spiritual aspect of yahoo known as “yahoo+” where other diabolic means are being used to increase their riches.

Can the Fight Against Yahoo boys be Defeated?

In a blog by pulse ng, “Nigeria lacks the moral authority to speak against yahoo boys”.

As much as the EFCC are waging war against them,they keep coming out strong.They aren’t giving up as the majority of them are ready to take their chances of being caught rather than to remain  poor.The fight against them needs to be intensified but until then,yahoo boys are causing a lot of harm to Nigeria and Nigerians.




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