CSEAN ‘s First CTF Competition (CTF 1.0) – CSEAN Cyber Secure Conference 2023


The Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN), the leading professional association dedicated to the promoting of cybersecurity in Nigeria held its annual International Conference Cyber Secure Nigeria 2023 in Abuja on July 11 and 12 ,2023.

This edition of the conference was unique as it featured alongside a virtual Capture the Flag (CTF) competition.

The CTF was facilitated by CSEAN Tech Team and sponsored by Lynsec Cybersecurity.

Contestants from all over Nigeria were selected to participate in a 20-hour competition. The registration portal which is accessible here was launched on 3rd July and accepted entries till 10th July 2023 at 7:59pm Nigerian Time.

For the CTF competition, a team member comprises of 4 – 6 members regardless of age distribution where team members collaborated using Discord server. The exercise was of a jeopardy style which implies that teams were presented with lists of challenges in categories as listed below:

  1. Binary Exploitation.
  2. Reverse Engineering.
  3. Web Exploitation.
  4. Digital Forensics.
  5. Incident Response.
  6. Network Security.
  7. Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) among others.

A total of 23 applicants successfully applied through the registration portal. The team names are: –

  1. Cyber Knights
  2. NightTrit
  3. Cybercube
  4. The_A_Team
  5. DLCF
  6. Soul Society
  7. ne0h
  8. Phantom_troupe
  9. Genesis-#
  10. Kaizen
  11. StealthSec
  12. REPT
  13. Zero Day Brokers
  14. JEDI
  15. Error
  16. Team Dave
  17. CryptQueens
  18. Ouada
  19. Xtr3m3 Of3nda5
  20. Mov Chaker
  21. B34C0N_R4NG3R5
  22. anon
  23. ICT drewmbooster

After a thrilling competition, Team Soul Society emerged as the overall winner with an impressive total of 1720 points. The soul society team were , Abdulrahman Oyekunle, Samuel Omolewa, Adebayo Segun,Anighoro Ejiro , Mark Uche and Damian Pine

Team REPT and Kaizen secured the first runner-up and second runner-up positions with 1270 and 1120 points, respectively


Sname Mobolaji
Azubuike Habeeb
Kubura Ogunbanwo
Olufunmi Ekwueme
Olaide Adeyemo”

Team Kaizen

Abdulhakeem Onipede
Bezalel Nwosu
Adisa Toheeb Kayode
Abduljalal Saminu

The goal of the Cyber Secure Nigeria Conference 2023 (CSEAN-CTF 2023) is to offer both a technical and entertaining experience, with the aim of testing and enhancing participants’ cybersecurity skills. The event provides an opportunity to identify talented individuals and encourage newcomers in the field.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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