Cyberbullying – How to deal with Online Bullying

Stop Cyber Bullying

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying also known as online bullying.This is the use of technology/internet to harass threaten or embarrass a person. With the increase use of social media, it has a become a big problem on the internet.

Cyberbullying includes using pictures, posts, tweets, text or videos designed to embarrass an individual. While some people do this subconsciously in the name of being a “savage”, some deliberately damage and upset a person.

Whenever you post anything online to hurt or harass someone else, you are being a “Cyberbully”.

Cyber bullying/online bullying can be damaging and frustrating because the person behind the screen could be anonymous or hard to trace which may leave the victim in darkness.

Sometimes, a group of people targets a specific user online and gang bully them. This could be mentally draining to some people.

Online bullying is easier to commit because the bully doesn’t have to confront the target person. All they do is sit behind the screen and make the victim feel miserable.

Cyber bullying comes in different ways,this includes

  1. Threatening or intimidating someone online
  2. Sharing an embarrassing video of people online without their permission
  3. Posting hurtful things about someone online
  4. Spreading rumors or gossip about people on social media

How to Deal with Cyberbullying

Report bullying

Social media takes cyberbullying seriously. If you are ever bullied on social media, you should report the handle to the site administrator

Block the Bully

Never be afraid to use your block feature. BLOCK THEM EVERYWHERE

Talk to someone:

Talk to a trusted person, do not hesitate. Speak up until you find someone to help

Walk away from the Bully

Just like in a real-life bully, you should walk away from online bullies. Ignoring them is the best way to take away their power-it isn’t easy to do. Do not respond and find something to distract yourself

Resist the urge to retaliate

Retaliating or responding when you are upset can make things worse. Not responding gives the power back to you.


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