Online Cybersecurity Resources

online cybersecurity resources

Online Cyber Security Courses with Certifications

If you are interested in building a career in cybersecurity, you have to go out of your way to source for the necessary knowledge online. Here are some useful  online resources  with certificates.They find very interesting and helpful if you are planning on building a career in cybersecurity


Cybrary is the best free online platform for beginners in cybersecurity that I have come across. The most interesting thing about the platform is how it takes you through the career part level from Intermediate to Advanced. They have different courses set for all different levels and it makes a whole lot of sense because you know where to begin which means you won’t be jumping from knowing nothing to the intermediate. It is gradual process which cybrary takes you through.

This is the reason why Cybrary is always my first online cybersecurity resources recommendation for beginners. Amazingly, they also have a mobile application which makes it come really handy. And also you get a Cybrary certificate at the end of each course.

They also have a premium version which gives you access to more courses and lab session.

Where can I learn cyber security course online?

Microsoft professional Program

Are Cybrary Courses free?

Cybrary have a lot of free courses as well as paid courses that gives you an extra advantage which includes a lab


Udemy is not a free online cybersecurity course platform but I’ll say the money paid is always worth it and it isn’t that expensive considering the knowledge you’ll be gaining. Some of their courses goes for as low as “$10”. I love that they have course for the minor which ranges from “Security awareness training” “Introduction to cybersecurity”, They have a whole lot of courses that will help build your cybersecurity career. Udemy also has a mobile application and comes with a certificate.


PluralSight has in-demand security certifications for personal use and business purpose. You have access to tools and  hands on resources. It is not a free learning site.It comes with different payment packages/subscription, there is the monthly plan and annual plan. When you sign up, you get free days trial where you immediately have unlimited view of a thousand of courses.

This means on pluralsight you can learn other skills aside cybersecurity. On signing up, you get to enter your payment details for the choosing plan. Please note that you can cancel before your free trial expires so as not to be charged if not interested.


uCertify is an onilne platform that provides provides Courses, Hands-on Labs, Test Prep for IT certifications .They have well explained and detailed courses on cybersecurity and the courses includes hands-on experience using the lab session.


Edx gives you an opportunity to practice cybersecurity and learn real world scenarios online.This free online cybersecurity course also come with a certificate.This is endorsed by the popular IBM.


Coursera is also a great online cybersecurity resource with cybersecurity courses that can be of great help in building your cybersecurity career

Microsoft’s Professional Program.

Microsoft’s professional course for cybersecurity is a 10-course program will help you identify threats early and minimize breach impacts.Technologies used to gain this skills includes Windows Defender, Windows Information Protection, Advanced Threat Analytics, Active Directory, Azure Security Center, PowerShell, kerberos e.t.c.Each course in the Microsoft Professional Program in Cybersecurity features hands-on learning so you can practice with the most sought after skills. Assessments that require more than just memorization ensure that you have mastered these new skills.

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