Cyber security – What is Cyber security?

Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become a household word because of the connectivity of all devices which comes with cyber security threats.

What is Cybersecurity?

It is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks.

The security of the internet has become a necessity in the world due advent of internet and computers.This has given a rise to cyber crimes. The world is living in a digital era which means we are constantly using the internet and constantly generating data. This has result to a lot of data breaches.

Everything now relies on the computer and the internet, this includes the means of communication (emails and phones), storing information (clouds, flash drives, memory cards etc.)

Cyber criminals are increasing by the day and it has become not just an organization thing to be cyber aware(understand your internet risks). Therefore, we all need to be proactively secured on the internet.

Cyber security can also be defined as the technique or practice to protect digital data. This are data that are stored, transmitted or in use on the network. The goal is to protect data from unauthorized access, modifications, and deletion.

Principles of Cyber Security

There are three core principle in cybersecurity, this are Confidentiality,  Integrity and availability.


This is also known as privacy. Do you want your data or information to get into the wrong hands? definitely not. Confidentiality deals with measures to prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.


Integrity is the protecting of information from being modified by an unauthorized person.Information that has being modified by unauthorized party no longer has any value.


All systems need to work properly to ensure that the information they protect are available when it is needed.This ensures that authorized parties are able to access information.



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Cyber Safety – Tips on staying safe online
Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety – Tips on staying safe online

Cyber Safety which is also known as online safety has become a great challenge

Online Cybersecurity Resources
online cybersecurity resources

Online Cybersecurity Resources

Online Cyber Security Courses with Certifications If you are interested in

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