2018 Biggest Data Breaches

2018  Data Breaches

  1. Aadhar — 1.1 billion – This happened in march 2018.The India’s national ID data base known as Aadhar was hit in 2018.The government ID data base contains identity and biometrics information of more than 11 billion registered Indian citizens. Indane hadn’t secured their API, which is used to access the database, which gave anyone access to Aadhar information. Read more
  2. Marriott Starwood hotels — 500 million. It happened between 2014 and September 2018.The Marriot international which is a hotel chain had a massive data breach .In this data breach,guest information including phone numbers, email addresses, passport number, reservation date and some payment card details were leaked. It was gathered that hackers accessed the reservation database for Marriott’s Starwood hotels.The hackers then copied and stole guest information. Read more
  3. Exactis — 340 million – It occurred in June 2018.The alleged breach reportedly exposed highly personal information.This information includes people’s phone numbers, home and email addresses, interests and the number, age and gender of their children. Credit card information and Social Security numbers don’t appear to have been leaked. Troia told Wired that he doesn’t know where the data is coming from, “but it’s one of the most comprehensive collections I’ve ever seen.Troia found two versions of the database that each had around 340 million records, with roughly 230 million on consumers and 110 million on business contacts, according to Wired. Exactis says on its website that it has over 3.5 billion consumer, business and digital records. It was discovered that a security expert spotted a database “with pretty much every US citizen in it” left exposed “on a publicly accessible server,” although it’s unclear whether any hackers accessed the information. Read more
  4. British Airways — 380,000– The popular British airways was breached in August 21,2018 – September 5,2018.About 380,000 British Airways passengers have been affected by a large-scale hack. According to the airline, both personal information, including passenger names and home addresses, as well as financial information, including credit card numbers, expiry dates and CVV codes, have been compromised.Read more
  5. Facebook — 29 million– Facebook data breach in 2018 included highly sensitive data, locations, contact details, relationship status, recent searches and devices used to log in.29 million accounts were compromised. According to the most recent details, hackers could see the phone numbers and email addresses of 29 million users, and additional biographical information — including self-reported current city, education, work, people they follow, the last 10 places they were tagged in and the last 15 searches — of 14 million of those. It’s just the latest example to drive home that private information shared online might not remain private. And the hack raises further questions about how well Facebook can protect users’ data. Read more
  6. Google+ — 52.5 million – Private information on Google+ pro profiles, including name, employer and job title, email address, birth date, age, and relationship status was breached in 2018.Read more . Read more
  7. Cambridge Analytica — 87 million: Facebook exposed 87 million users data to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook profiles and data identifying users’ preferences and interests was affected in 2015.Read more
  8. SingHealth — 1.5 million – Names and addresses in the Singapore government’s health database, and some patients’ history of dispensed medicines. Information on the prime minister of Singapore was specifically targeted in this data breach. The hackers orchestrated a “deliberate, targeted, and well-planned” attack.Read more
  9. T-Mobile — about 2 million – T-mobile revealed in 2018 that hackers may have stolen about 2 million personal information of some of its customers. The data breach included customer names, billing zip codes, phone numbers, email addresses, account numbers and account types (prepaid or postpaid). Credit card numbers, social security numbers and passwords weren’t accessed, the company initially said. Read more
  10. Cathay Pacific Airways — 9.4 million – In march 2018,it was discovered that 860,000 passport numbers; 245,000 Hong Kong identity card numbers; 403 expired credit card numbers; and 27 credit card numbers without the card verification value (CVV) was accessed in the data breach.Read more
  11. SheIn.com — 6.42 million -In 2018,sheln.com which is an online store was breached with Email addresses and encrypted passwords for customers’ online store accounts accessed.

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5 years ago

Thanks for your blog, nice sharing, i saw one more blog thethreatreport relevant to databreach and security news.

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