Cyber Safety – Tips on staying safe online

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety which is also known as online safety has become a great challenge for internet users as most are not aware of the dangers of the internet.Hence,there is a constant need for cyber security awareness.

Cyber safety in Nigeria

The internet has become a part of our daily life. With the recent report by premium times, Nigeria’s internet users hit over 80 million.

” Wawuu” right? Yes!, and it is growing by the day.

With a high number of internet users comes a high number of risks as most the users have no idea what online safety is about. This evolution of internet users should come with a lot of online safety and cyber security awareness.

Cyber safety also known as online safety and it is the precautions internet users take while online.

What are the Cyber Safety Tips?

There are a lot of ways you can stay safe when you use the internet.Here are some tips on ensuring online safety for all users.

How do I stay safe Online?

1. Use Strong Password
2. Be careful what you share online
3. Keep personal Information Personal
4.Think before you click

Password usage

The use of Internet comes with the usage of login details; this includes the use of passwords. Your email accounts, social media accounts and all the rest requires an authentication for you to access them. Hence, you should choose your passwords carefully. Use of weak passwords makes you prone to cyber-attacks. Imagine an unauthorized person having access to your email accounts, tragic right? Use a strong password that is unique and complex, it could be 12 characters long with a mix of lower and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters and be sure your passwords are not dictionary words as they are easy to crack

Be careful what you share online

In the internet, “what goes up, does not come down”. Anything you post online, stays online forever. You cannot take back what you have posted. Think before you share anything on to the internet as it may come back to haunt you.

Be wary of online people

In the internet, you only have assumptions of who is behind the screen. You have no idea what to expect, they may not even be real. Be very careful and trade carefully with people you meet online.

Keep personal Information personal

Will you tell a stranger on the road all about your personal life? I don’t think so. There are a million people connected on the internet and sharing your personal information online is like handing over your personal information to a million strangers and this isn’t Cyber healthy.

Think Before you Click

Links are very manipulative on the internet. Be sure you are visiting the right site so you do not fall prey to phishing links.

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5 years ago

This is really enlightened and very useful information information.

Cyber security – What is Cyber security?
Cyber Security

Cyber security – What is Cyber security?

Cyber Security has become a household word because of the connectivity of all

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