NoGoFallMaga- Cybersecurity Awareness handbook
NoGoFallMaga – The handbook

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 – LAGOS, NIGERIA – To commemorate the 2020 Safer Internet Day, Cybersafe Foundation is pleased to release for free downloads, a snippet of Africa’s first storified Cybersecurity awareness publication, #NoGoFallMaga: The Handbook. The handbook, which is a first, uses a storytelling approach to demystify technical industry terms and create awareness in the simplest forms through text and visual aids that are easy for the public to understand and relate to.



The handbook is published by Cybersafe Foundation in partnership with A’Lime Media to provide a useful resource, through an easy-to-understand series of actions, and at the same time promote cybersecurity awareness as citizens often find it difficult to understand what is required of them to stay safe online. With the theme, “Together for a better internet”, the 2020 Safer Internet Day advocates a call to action for all stakeholders to play key roles in creating a better internet for everyone, especially younger users. The relationship between FinTech and internet safety cannot be overemphasized and today provides a good opportunity to promote increased awareness about cybersecurity.


Available for free download, the snippet is divided into two sections featuring five stories and a do-it-yourself activity section to deepen the message of the #NoGoFallMaga Campaign. #NoGoFallMaga is a national movement of young people working to combat preventable financial fraud through consumer-centered sensitization and education targeted at Nigerians with access to financial services and technology.


Cybersecurity awareness campaigns have been identified as one of the most effective methods to tackle cybersecurity-related challenges as cybercriminals continue to improve their methods daily, using the art of deception known as ‘Social Engineering’ to exploit unsuspecting people on various platforms. In response, this initiative has been designed to further chronicle the voice of Cybersafe Foundation in her bid to eradicate the menace of cybercriminals. This is why the #NoGoFallMaga campaign is purpose-built and the handbook published to engage various audiences on prevailing cybersecurity threats and their corresponding preventive measures.


In addition, #NoGoFallMaga is significant to the Nigerian banking population because it seeks to empower more individuals with information about the activities of cybercriminals and collectively build a fortress that becomes more difficult to penetrate every day. According to the Founder of Cybersafe Foundation, Confidence Stavely; “…each time you think about your online accounts, think about them as a stash of gold; this might help you to have a better attitude towards safeguarding the information contained therein”.


After a series of initiatives since June 2019, Cybersafe Foundation has reached over 50,000 Nigerians through various online and offline activities such as market activations, church and school tours across Nigeria to educate Nigerians on various forms of digital fraud and preventive measures to take each time. During some of the sensitization tours, #NoGoFallMaga volunteers have thwarted on-going social engineering attacks on unsuspecting individuals. The snippet is another effort by the foundation to make sure no one is left behind in the effort to spread awareness across the country.

Please visit www.nogofallmaga.org/book to download and read the FREE eBook Snippet. Join the conversations online to share reviews, ask questions and get information on latest trends in social engineering and Cybersecurity using #NoGoFallMaga. For further information, please follow @nogofallmaga on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



Cybersafe Foundation is a non-profit organisation led by young and passionate technology and cybersecurity enthusiasts working to combat preventable digital fraud with consumer-centered sensitization and education.


The #NoGoFallMaga campaign is dedicated to raising awareness on digital fraud issues and equip Nigerians with knowledge for better decision making and fraud mitigation. From the middle-aged women in the market to white-collar executives, to young men in university campuses, to Grandmothers across Nigeria; no individual with access to financial services will be unreached with our message.


Through a network of volunteers, the organization has implemented #NoGoFallMaga across four (4) states to stem the alarming rate of cyber threats and cyber fraud in Nigeria.


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