Windows 7 – Support to End Soon

Windows 7 Support Will End Soon

It is time to install the latest windows operating system and say goodbye to windows 7. The 5 years extended support will end January 14,2020.

It means that after this date, there will no longer be new functionalities, bug fixes or security updates of the windows 7 and this will leave a lot of vulnerabilities and the users will be more susceptible to attacks. In addition, Microsoft customers service will no longer be available to provide any technical support to windows 7/

According to reports, millions of users are still running the windows 7. Windows 7, which was released around a decade ago in 2009, still commands a sizeable user base in the Windows community. It was only in December last year that Windows 10 finally managed to overtake Windows 7’s market share.

As per Net Applications’ data, Windows 10 commanded a market share of 39.22 percent as of December, while Windows 7 took the second spot with 36.9 percent share of the market. And even though Microsoft Edge is finally making its way to Windows 7, it is not a big enough reason to stick to an old platform that will stop receiving updates and security fixes in a year from now.

If you or your business is still running on the windows 7 Operating System, you still have 1 year to upgrade to the latest operating system. Upgrading to new operating system takes time and careful planning.

Government agencies and big enterprises can still pay for expensive extended support to continue receiving security updates and patches from the company if they need more than a year to migrate

However, regular users should upgrade their operating system immediately to windows 10 or a Linux distributions rather than running an unpatched system and being vulnerable to attacks.




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