Studying Cybersecurity in Nigeria – What Next?

Studying Cybersecurity in Nigeria

I spent a lot of time thinking of the perfect title for this blog . I was stuck between “Getting started in information Security in Nigeria” and “Studying cybersecurity in Nigeria” well, I choose the latter because my target audience is actually people who are studying cybersecurity in Nigeria

Wait!!!! Does it even make sense?

Anyways, forget about the tittle and let us get into the real message.

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So I did a thread on twitter about studying cybersecurity in Nigeria and I thought it will be nice to write a blog on it.

You might want to know what prompted the thread. – I like giving full gist please

Well, I saw a tweet where someone asked “After studying cybersecurity in Nigeria, what next?”. I laughed at a certain comment, someone replied“ Apply for the post of a security in a tech company”- “tearssss!!!!”

I found it  hilarious but then I thought “This is really a valid question”. Considering the fact that there are a lot of cybersecurity graduates who are still looking for a job or has ventured into something different and there are others who think studying cybersecurity is a “gate pass” to getting a cybersecurity role.

First, let’s talk about schools that offer cybersecurity as course in Nigeria.

Which Institution offer cybersecurity in Nigeria?

I am a product an institution that offer cybersecurity in Nigeria and even after over 8 years of cybersecurity being studied as a course in Nigeria, a lot people are still not aware. The institutions that offer cybersecurity are;

This is really not an exhaustive list

Now to the millionaire question!!!!! ……

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“After studying cybersecurity in Nigeria, what next?”.

My response will certainly be questions – Yes, I answer questions with questions *You are allowed to judge me*

What were you doing while you were studying cybersecurity?

What skills did you gain from studying cybersecurity?

Have you made yourself employable or you think just studying cybersecurity is the ultimate goal?

I think it is a misconception to think studying cybersecurity = getting a job easily.

This is Nigeria please and “ground no level” when it comes to getting a job. While it is easier with some degree and skills, you still need to put in the work , all of it.

Just like every other course in Nigeria, self-learning is important.

There isn’t exactly a “procedure or process” to what you need to do if you are studying cybersecurity in Nigeria but I will just share some tips that might guide you.

Network with like-minded people

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You see the exclamation, that is me making emphasis on networking. “You cannot do this cybersecurity thing alone”. Network with people who are already in the field, ask questions, share opinions…… Thanks to social media, it has become easier to network with people at the comfort of your home.

While networking, do not forget to look within. As a cybersecurity student  in Nigeria, the best thing you can do for yourself is connecting with people who are hungry for knowledge as you. Have a study group where you can share knowledge and learn. 3 hours in a week can make a huge different. Make a list of new concept or skills you all will like to learn and be committed to it. You will be amazed at how handy those skills will become.

Join a community

I was going to say “build a community” then I remembered everyone cannot build a community. A community gives you what I like to call “a pillar”. With communities, you are able to network with people below, above and in the same level (experience or skills) as you. Communities connect people together. I have learnt so much from cybersecurity communities in Nigeria- Naijasecforce, shesecures, CyberSafe. The list is endless

You see community, it is everything to me . Maybe because I have felt the full impact of them . Yes you can build a community too(well, anyone can)


You see me?, I am a “serial volunteer” I have been volunteering “since since” and yes I still volunteer. Volunteering gives you access to people you may not have access to on a normal day (Don’t ask me what a normal is please- *giggles*).

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to learn and use your skills as the case may be . I have sat on tables I never thought I could in a short time.  I have met so many amazing , great and inspiring people by volunteering.

There are Non-Government Organizations you can volunteer for , at the top of my list is CyberSafe Foundation which is a parent organization for NoGoFallMaga. What is interesting about them is there are sub-teams which include Social media recovery, Fraud incident response team, Intel team and content team

And yes, it also builds up your profile with skills and volunteer experience.

You can also volunteer to provide basic cybersecurity awareness to your institution’s host community, schools, markets and your own community . Volunteer to speak about basic cybersecurity hygiene at school events .

You know what is important? its the learning, sharing and providing value. There are a lot of opportunities with volunteering.

Follow-up with the latest in the Industry

This is tricky because there are always so many things happening but then you can still try to be abreast on happenings.  All you need to do subscribe to cybersecurity news/blogs, opinions, advisories – thehackernews , threatpost  , darkreading , techiveadvisory .

While following-up with the latest news and all , read up on tools or concepts that are popularly talked about. You might not know how to use them but understanding the purpose of the tool is a good place to start

Find a Mentor

Find someone who is willing to guide and give you direction- Yes, that is all

Write and Share

Yea I know someone is already thinking “I am not a good writer” *rolls eyes*. I am not either (well , not yet). But you know what they say about practice?… yes “practice makes perfect” . 

You can start by sharing little details of what you learn or do on your social media(LinkedIn , Facebook), you can write a blog if you want….just like I just did.

*Praying* (I really hope this was not boring)


There is no straight way or response to what will happen if you study cybersecurity in Nigeria, you might decide to change your career path , go deeper into getting more skills and a lot more. Whatever you do , be sure you are not just relying on your certificate.


You can decide to “go to the abroad too ” after studying cybersecurity in Nigeria







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Omale Samuel
Omale Samuel
2 years ago

So so timely… Thanks Simbiat.

2 years ago

Wow….. I want to appreciate you for this, it came at the right time.

Toluwase Abioudun
Toluwase Abioudun
2 years ago

Thank you so much, this is so helpful

2 years ago

At some point….I felt I was physically conversing with my writer… Thank you so much Simbiat for boosting my inspiration^50….

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