Cybersecurity Jobs – You can create your own Cybersecurity Role

With the increase in the interest for cyber security and the cyber security talent shortage, a lot of people have picked up interest and acquired some level of skills  as regards cyber security.
Cybersecurity Jobs

With the increase in the interest for cyber security and the cyber security talent shortage, a lot of people have picked up interest and acquired some level of skills  as regards cyber security.

But there is still a big problem. Placement for them to have a hands-on experience and possibly increase their level of expertise. Especially in a country like Nigeria where there are limited position for cyber security personnel(with little or no years of experience) because a lot of organization/businesses do not have a cyber security team/unit YET and the one’s that do wants a certain level of experience/expertise.

I get couple of DM’s regularly as regards internship position in a cyber security firm/industry and truth be told, I had the same problem myself. Finally I got an internship position in an IT department .Guess what I was doing?

Writing Codes!

I am not saying writing Code is bad but I wanted something different(maybe running a vulnerability scan and coming up with a report)

After a while I got acquainted with some of my colleagues where I shared my passion(cyber security) with them but then most had no idea what I was talking about but they were getting the message.

I was the reserved and shy type so I didn’t really get to interact with my bosses(I really wished I did) unless it gets to debugging some coding errors.

What could I have done differently?

What can people do differently?

Do they still need to hustle for cybersecurity positions /internships? Maybe Not

It may be difficult but there is no harm in trying.

Every organization/business be it large or small needs to put in cybersecurity strategies to combat the increase in cyber-attacks.

Do you have cybersecurity skills and looking for a way to make use of them, I think it is time to “get into that organization and create a security role for yourself”

How you say?

How to create a Cyber security Role

  1. Start looking out for roles not just in cybersecurity but IT as a well: All businesses and organization that uses a computers and internet connected device need cybersecurity expertise to protect themselves. Getting into the IT unit will give you an opportunity to sell your skills to the manager or whoever is incharge.(It may take a lot of convincing but it can be done).
  2. Create cybersecurity Awareness for your team/colleague: You need to have a good communication skill if you want to stand out and be heard. Take time out of your busy schedule to interact with your colleagues about the need for cybersecurity. You might be talking to someone who has great access to the top team and a discussion about your talk may pop up.
  3. Volunteer to run a vulnerability Scan : Vulnerability scan gives you a holistic view as the regards weaknesses in the organization. Running a vulnerability scan and giving out a report about the weaknesses in the organization’s system and network and what damage can be done if exploited is a way to go.
  4. Volunteer to run a penetration test for their network: In this case, you are able to simulate cyber-attack on the network, application or system to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit. This will help test their defense After which you come with recommendations to be implemented.
  5. Reach out to small business owners for a free security awareness training: This will give you exposure and aid your networking. You never can tell where your next referral is coming from.
  6. Join the bug bounty hunt: Bug bounty hunters are being paid for finding vulnerabilities in software,websites and web applications.Cool Right! Once you have the knowledge and the right tools,you should start looking for bugs to squash.There are a lot of bug bounty programs .Click here for the complete list.
  7. Write something: I always emphasize on the need to put something out there. People are watching and reading. Write anything as related to cybersecurity. It may be a tool you used and you found an easy way around, you discovered a new idea you want to share, WRITE!


There are cyber security writers and you can be one. Start something today. Go get that security role and do something new and amazing.

Goodluck and I hope this really helps.

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Night Crawler
Night Crawler
4 years ago

That part you talked about having to write code, I don’t really know much about cybersecurity except from what the word entails, but I think defending the web or it user’s against vulnerability require full understanding of what makeup the web which is stack of codes if I am correct.. So my question is cybersecurity all about advocating or also writing out programs that could make the users saver online

Moses Joshua
Moses Joshua
4 years ago

Really insightful Article, Motivated to make write-ups….Thanks

4 years ago

Agree with you. It will come to a point that one would stop trying. Cos it’s not eady, going to office and tell them I can help to pentest your system.cos it’s strange to some people, especially in Nigeria.

Learn, build one self, know a few or a program. Rather a basic knowledge of a program. Understand linux eg Kali, Parrot, backbox, etc these have hacking tools. Pentest yourself to build confidence first. There are some free websites that gives room to test your skills. May not list them here. But you can Google if u like.

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