Meet Borat RAT….The Advanced Pied Piper With Triple Threat!!!


A fresh Remote Access Trojan (RAT) malware was found by Cyble, an Atlanta-based provider of cyber risk intelligence. What makes this specific RAT malware special enough to be titled after Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedic creation? By giving them access to files, network resources, and the ability to switch between the mouse and keyboard, RAT software often enables hackers to take full control of a victim’s machine. 

Borat RAT goes above and beyond the typical characteristics and gives threat actors the ability to use DDoS and ransomware assaults. Additionally, it expands the pool of potential attackers, sometimes selecting the lowest common denominator. DDoS attacks are more dangerous and nefarious because of their added functionality, which puts today’s digital enterprises at risk.

For more than three years, ransomware has dominated the top five threat types. An IBM study found that REvil, which accounted for around 37% of all ransomware infections, was the most prevalent ransomware strain. The Borat RAT is an innovative and potent virus that combines RAT, spyware, and ransomware functionality into a single piece of code.

What Characterizes Borat RAT as a Triple Threat?

The Borat RAT gives hostile hackers access to a dashboard where they can carry out RAT malware operations and compile malware binaries for DDoS and ransomware assaults on the victim’s computer. The RAT also has a DDoS attack code, which slows down response times for genuine users and even has the potential to take the site offline. 

Surprisingly, the Borat RAT may transfer a ransomware payload to the victim’s PC, encrypting users’ files and demanding payment. Additionally, the package contains an executable keylogger file that records keystrokes on victims’ PCs and stores them in an a.txt file for exfiltration.

Other Borat RAT malware features that can be entertaining or annoying are as follows:

  • A reverse proxy for the hacker’s protection.
  • It can steal Discord tokens or login information from browsers.
  • Inject harmful software into trustworthy processes.

The Borat RAT can also do the following things to annoy or frighten its victims:

  • The monitor is turned on and off
  • The Start button and taskbar on the desktop can be hidden or displayed.
  • Unwelcome music is being played
  • The webcam’s light can be turned on and off.

A file called “micaudio.wav” will be created and saved by the Borat RAT malware after checking to determine if the machine has a connected microphone. If a webcam is found on the system, the malware can also start recording from the camera.

Should Companies Create a Robust Response Strategy?

Due to the unstable environment, the pandemic has created, every industry is now a possible target for pre-packaged malware kits like Borat. To fully access the systems of your business, all it takes is for an unwary employee to unintentionally open a malicious link or attachment. Operations might then be suspended until the ransom is paid. The company’s operations being stopped causes the company to suffer significant monetary and material losses.

The Borat RAT malware’s remote desktop functionality enables threat actors to erase crucial data or intellectual property, take note of the machine’s model and operating system version, harvest potential cookies, or store login credentials, and can cause chaos in your company. Companies must thus be alert to the threat and brace themselves for such attacks.

Improved Security Recommendations

Here are some suggestions for protecting your networks against the threat of cyberattacks:

  1. Evaluate how the industrial network’s applications and systems are administered remotely. Anything related to remote administration that is not required for the industrial process should be removed.
  2. Create a solid password policy and enable multi-factor authentication.
  3. Use reliable internet security and antivirus software.
  4. Include a plan of action to immediately neutralize the threat.
  5. Use flash storage options and put appropriate safeguards in place to back up data. Reduced infrastructure expenses and improved operational continuity will result from this.
  6. Do not save crucial documents in locations that are often used, such as desktops and My Documents.
  7. Use email security software that can categorize and weed out harmful emails.
  8. Additionally, employees can participate in frequent training sessions to learn about potential hazards.
  9. Improve and enhance your vulnerability management system. This will assist your organization in prioritizing the most concerning vulnerabilities.

Final Thoughts

Organizations must give their employees the tools they need to properly comprehend the threat environment today. Making the appropriate technological investments and developing reliable verification procedures can guarantee that only the right people have access to the appropriate data. In the quick-paced digital world of today, incidents must be resolved quickly and effectively. Long-term client satisfaction will be improved by businesses that properly plan for the next threat. The bitter truth is that It is inevitable.

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