The first IAPP (Nigeria Chapter) KnowledgeNet Event

First_IAPP_Nigeria KnowledgeNet
First_IAPP_Nigeria KnowledgeNet
A brief summary of the first IAPP (Nigeria Chapter) KnowledgeNet Event.

The first IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) Nigeria Chapter KnowledgeNet event took place on Saturday 30th November 2019 at Merit House in Maitama Abuja. An event that witnessed the presence of dignitaries from NITDA, specifically the Director of NITDA, Mr Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi ably represented by Dr Kasim Sodangi – the coordinator of Nigeria Content Development, and Dr Adekemi Omotubora from the Department of Commercial and Industrial Law, the University of Lagos as speakers. This event came at a time when Nigerians are talking about data regulation – Nigeria Data Protection regulation (NDPR).The event was themed: Data Protection and Privacy in Nigeria – The Role of NITDA.

The event was convened by Ozoemena Nwogbo and Nurudeen Odeshina with the following goals:

  • Introduce the IAPP (Nigeria Chapter) KnowledgeNet
  • Let participants hear from speakers as they sensitize, promote awareness of the new regulation and privacy in Nigeria (NDPR).
  • To make participants recognize IAPP as a privacy professional body.

Ozoemena Nwogbo  introduced the IAPP is the world largest privacy information organization.He also pointed to how much data is being generated today in Nigeria and how much more will be generated in the future, the risk that comes from the handling of data as they move from one geographical boundary to the others – how data today is becoming a border less entity (data being hosted in various continents).

Technology has come to tear the fabric of privacy and we all need to have conversations about what can be done as a country as regards to privacy. A task that will involve all stakeholders – NITDA, private sectors, public sectors, individual, Data Protection Organizations (DPOs), Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO)and IAPP as a professional body.

The DG NITDA representative – Dr Kassim Sodangi delivered the DG’s message where he clearly pointed out how NITDA took the brave step of giving to Nigerians a regulation that is unique to us, instead of copying the most respected European regulation on data protection- The GDPR.

He made mention of this to quickly remind us of how unique our environment is and how it is important to build what will work for us, and the gap in time between when we started and when the Europeans have started building their own laws to suit their own purpose.

He stated in his message that NITDA is taking baby steps as they proceed into the adoption of the NDPR and ensuring it creates job opportunities. This is a regulation that is targeted at encouraging ethics across organizations (private and public) and is keen on how Nigerians data are handled and not a money-making document for NITDA through imposed fines.

He gave the goodwill message of the DG to the IAPP stating that NITDA is ready to support and edorse IAPP as a professional body in Nigeria and they will work to expand their partnership 

Dr Adekemi Omotubora, who is a Lecturer of Information Technology Law from the university of Lagos made a presentation where she enlightened the participants on the NDPR. A presentation titled GDPR – What to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. She believed we may not be able to have all the time in the world to ourselves as a country to experience it all, so it is important we share from the experience of those who started first – the mistakes, lessons, and possible improvements they have made over time.

She began by taking participants through renown comments people have made on privacy from the like of Neil Scott, several predictions pointing to how technology will kill privacy in the end, and how privacy paradox is playing against people’s want of privacy and respect for their data. The clause of Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF) is something she also emphasized on and how it has no role to play in the Nigeria context and how some recent judgement has failed to recognize it especially in the case of Google Vs CNIL (September 2019).

She moved into the history of documents (various regulations) that have existed in different climes to protect data and privacy. And it was glaring how GDPR was able to become the gold standard in its own time. What gave GDPR that edge, what are the strength, its shortcoming and why was it that those old regulations were not as recognized as the GDPR. Cost of Implementation and Compliance was also part of the key things she mentioned .

In the end, she was able to highlight those unique features that are central to the discussion and she made comparison with them among GDPR, US and NDPR which are highlighted in the table below;


After the presentation of Dr Adekemi Omotubora, the participants were charged to put forth their questions and contributions, this set the interactive session of the event rolling. The hall was filled with energetic participants willing to take part in this session as speakers have done so much justice to the discussion at hand while carrying them along during that period.

The participants asked several questions in this section and many contributions were made as well, and there were reactions from the speakers to all of those questions while contributions were corroborated.

Point raised by participants centered more on awareness, what to do when you noticed non-compliance in your organization, privacy paradox, right to be forgotten, what professionals are facing out there on the job taking clients through the new regulation, and how the technical people can help identify non-compliance at the early stage in their organization.

The event came to a close with the Convener sharing with participants information on how they can become a member of IAPP, the benefits and the cost of taking their professional exams. He also noted that they should expect more of the IAPP Events come 2020 in Nigeria as this would not be the last.

A vote of thanks was given to appreciate the contributions of the speakers and the participants throughout the event, and we moved into networking and refreshment.



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