How to Check if Your ASUS Laptop Has Been Hacked

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After the latest ASUS hack was reported last week,Kaspersky released a dedicated offline tool and launched an online web page where ASUS PC users can search for their MAC addresses to check whether they were in the hit list.

“If information regarding targets exists, it should be made publicly available to the security community so we can better protect ourselves,” Skylight said in a post.

“So, we thought it would be a good idea to extract the list and make it public so that every security practitioner would be able to bulk compare them to known machines in their domain.”

Kaspersky discovered the attack, which it dubbed Operation ShadowHammer, after its 57,000 users were infected with the backdoored version of ASUS LIVE Update software.

After admitting that an unknown group of hackers hacked its servers between June and November 2018, ASUS this week released a new clean version of its LIVE Update application (version 3.6.8) and also promised to add “multiple security verification mechanisms” to reduce the chances of further attacks.

However, you should know that just installing the clean version of the software update over the malicious package would not remove the malware code from the infected systems.

So, to help its customers know if they were a victim of the attack, ASUS also released a diagnostic toolusing which you can check whether your ASUS system was affected by the malicious update.

If you find your computer MAC address in the list, it means your computer has been backdoored by the malicious update, and ASUS recommends you perform a factory reset to wipe up the entire system.

However,the identity of the hackers and their intentions are still unknown

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