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NaijaSecCon CTF 2019 competition is for students across all tertiary institutions (polytechnics and universities alike) in Nigeria – to compete in tackling a fictional cyber catastrophe. The contest is designed to accommodate all levels of skill and experience, but more importantly, the contest is a fun challenge which anyone can play and it doesn’t require a whole lot of commitment or advanced skills.

  • To participate, you need to register a team of 4-6 students representing a University.
  • It is absolutely fine to have multiple teams representing a University. You are allowed to have ONLY 1 professional on your team i.e. In a team of 5, it is okay to have 4 students and 1 working class professional on the team. In a team of 6, it is okay to have 5 students and 1 working class professional on the team.
  • The contest is in 2 phases – an ONLINE qualifying phase and the finals (onsite).
  • Nigeria has six (6) Geo-political zones – North Central, North East, North West, South West, South South and South West. Upon qualification, 2 Teams will be selected per zone to compete at the finals.


  • Registration starts 25th January, 2019
  • Registration ends 14th March, 2019
  • Online Qualifiers will be between 21st March, 2019– 30th March, 2019 and the top 2 teams per zone will be invited for the Onsite finals on May 3rd, 2019 at the Conference Venue.


Internship opportunities at a Big 4 Consulting Firm

PhynxLabs have donated the prize money for this year’s CTF (please contact for sponsorship opportunities).

  • The top 3 teams will win a total cash prize of N200,000 Naira

Prizes provided by:


There are no software requirements but if you have never played a CTF before then installing Kali, Burp, and Metasploit will be enough to get you started. Additionally, provides a CTF field guide which you may find useful.

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